This is my update.

Bobby Ho's IS300

Bobby Ho's IS300 by Danh Phan
Bobby Ho's IS300, a photo by Danh Phan on Flickr.

Lexus IS300, Houston, TX, 2011

I haven't done a photo shoot in awhile so I was really anxious to do one. Of course, it had to be a black car -__-

Bobby's IS300 has a 2JZ-GTE with a single 67mm turbo, aero kit, and sitting on some HRE wheels. Shooting his black car was a challenge since sundown didn't wasn't until 9pm. It was fun though. Bobby got to meet some of the Mayday Garage guys and my neighbor Khoa, whom helped assist.

Modified Cover!

So one of my goals finally came true... to get one feature in a big name magazine. Not only did my photos get featured, they made the cover of Modified Magazine! So now that I've achieved one goal, it's time to aim higher.... but what is bigger/higher than a front cover?

New goal: Advertisements

Here's the photo of the cover shot and the magazine and another from the feature:

Alana V.!

I took this photo at the grand opening event for EVS Motors and Studio last Sunday. Alana (pronounced like Uh-lena) was 1 of the 3 models I got to work with that were hired to promote the event. Even though she's new to the modeling industry, her looks should get her pretty far.

Model: Alana Vorda
Camera: Canon 5Dmk2
Lens: 50mm f1.2 @ f1.2
Lighting: N/A

Happy Easter!

I don't have any egg photos or children in pink/purple clothes but I do have a cool shot from yesterday's Great Vigil Mass at one of our local vietnamese churches. It was a 3 hour mass from 9pm to a little past midnite. I really do not missing going to church... sighs.

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